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Have a problem with your resin driveway? No answer from your installation company?

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If you're reading this page you might be at your wits end already however below is a basic guide of how to deal with a contractor that installed your driveway that you're having problems with.

Contact the installer by post

It might sound like a basic thing to do however if you're not getting the response you're wanting or any response at all over the phone from your contractor you should put something in writing.


The chances are you aleady have the address of the installer, if not, you can check companies house and check their address for free if they are a limited company. 


Try to ensure that you keep copies of all letters that are sent and recieved and that you send your letters on recorded delivery so you know that the've recieved them. Many compaines will state a reponse time on their website however a typical response time should be around 7 to 14 days.



Site Visit

You should request that the company sends out a representative to have a look at any problems that you might have with their work and offer them the chance to rectify any mistakes. Again, you should ensure that the company puts in writing what they intend to do and what sort of result will be expected from the repair. This is important as many repairs will leave visable joint which you might not be happy with!


It is important that you give the installer enough time to carry out any agreed repairs, don't forget that this product has to be installed in the dry therefore if you contact the company in winter they might want to wait until spring to start the repair. 



Resin Installer not responding?

Was your resin bound installation done correctly?
Not sure what to do?

Take a look at our installation guide and see if the problems you're having a due to a possible mistake...

How do I choose a contractor I can trust?

At this point you might need to contact someone to carry out a repair of your driveway. Have a look at our contact page and see how we can help you...

If you're still not getting any reponse from the installer, it might be time to contact a solicitor about chasing them and taking the company to court. Your solicitor will contact the business on your behalf and will want to see any copies of corrispondance you have had with the business. It is also important that you send them a copy of your contract (if you have one) and evidence of how the work was paid for.



Let your voice be heard!

If your're unsatisfied with the service you've recieved don't be afraid to let others know. There are plenty of website's such as, and where you can share you experiences and rate the business's you use.

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