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Contacting Us

As an independant advice service we try to offer explanations for everything that may occur to a resin bound surface throughout the site. Please be aware that we do not offer any legal advice on specific cases and would reccomend that any serious disputes are handled by a solicitor. 


Resin Drives Advice offer an independant quotation service from experienced contractors across the UK. By submitting your details to us you agree to be contacted by an installer with the intention of proving a quote for an installation of resin bound surfacing.


As an independant service, the quote you recieve for your resin bound installation will be provided by the contractor, which has been carefully chosen by Resin Drives Advice, and not Resin Drives Advice ourselves.


One of our aims is to premote the correct installation of resin bound surfacing and the contractors that we reccomend to you all have vast amounts of exprecience within the industry.


If you need to contact us for anything you might have seen on the site, please feel free to send an email to the below address. As a free service we endevour to reply to your emails within 48 hours however this can't always be guarenteed.

About Resin Drives Advice

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer free guidlines of how resin bound surfacing should be installed to ensure that every driveway, pathway or patio is installed to the correct specification. 

Resin Drives Advice has been set up as a guide for home owners to get all the information they need about the resin bound driveway industry.

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Problem With Your Resin Driveway?
Not sure what to do?

Have a look at our independant advice on what the best ways to contact your installer and what they should be doing to rectify the problem....

How do I choose a contractor I can trust?

This website is full of information on what to look our for when deciding on getting a resin bound driveway. Take a look at some of the key tips to look out for when choosing a resin bound installation company...

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