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How Much Should I Be Paying For My

Resin Bound Driveway?


There are several factors that can change the cost of the install of your driveway, patio or pathway. Take a look below at the situations an see which best matches your circumstances. The below prices shown are guidelines only however it should give you an idea if the quotes you've recieved are resonable for the work you require:

Overlay of existing surface

One of the most cost effective ways of installing a resin bound surface is to lay the resin and stone materials over an existing tarmac or concrete driveway, path or patio. The edges of the existing driveway can be excavated and a block edge can be installed so that the resin bound mixture can be trowelled at the correct depth. Take a look at the below before and after images and expected costings for this type of install.

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overlay resin driveway


finished resin drive overlay

So what should it cost me?

0-40m2                £60/m2 inc VAT


40-100m2            £50/m2 inc VAT


100m2 +              £45/m2 inc VAT

Install onto Block Paving

Installing onto block paving can be risky due to the possible movement of the blocks underneath the resin surface. If there is movement that occurs it's possible that the resin surface will move with the blocks and leave an uneven finish, if severe movement takes place it's also possible that the resin surface can crack.


Most installers will offer you two prices when quoting you on an existing block paved drive. One price would be to overlay the current surface, this is much cheaper however may not include a guarentee so it's important to check with the installer. The second price offered will be for the block paving to be removed and a new tarmac sub-base  to be installed before your resin surface is installed. This will cost more due to the extra labour involved however you'll usually get a guarentee with for the works carried out.


The cost of the overlay of a block paving driveway should be slightly more than a concrete or tarmac as the resin mixture should be installed thicker to help negate the chance of movement and reduce the possibility of cracking.


resin drive over block paving


resin drive block paving

So what should it cost me?

Overlay:                                                                                 Dig out:


0-40m2                £65/m2 inc VAT                                        0-40m2                £125/m2 inc VAT


40-100m2            £55/m2 inc VAT                                        40-100m2            £110/m2 inc VAT


100m2 +              £50/m2 inc VAT                                        100m2 +              £100/m2 inc VAT

Install onto Grid system

Many companies offer the option of installing your resin bound driveway, patio or path onto a grid system. Below are some photos of what you can expect from installing onto this type of system. The use of this grid system is used to reduce the cost of installing a more solid sub-base such as tarmac or concrete. The main issues of this type of install is that the grid system is more likley to move compared to a concrete or tarmac base and thefore more likley to crack. Most contractors would offer this system for a pathway or patio solution as there is less chance of movement compared to a driveway. Another issue of this type of system is that it's difficult to judge how much resin and stone will be needed to cover the grid system, you should always ensure that the installer will cover the cost of any extra materials that might be required before the installation starts.  



ecrogrid resin bound

So what should it cost me?

0-40m2                £120/m2 inc VAT


40-100m2            £105/m2 inc VAT


100m2 +              £95/m2 inc VAT

Install onto Hardcore Base

Installing onto a hardcore base isn't reccomended for a resin bound surface as the base isn't solid enough to prevent movement in the top surface. When installed onto hardcore there is a greater chance of movement which can give the below finished look:



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